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What do readers say about this best-selling series?

Five Stars! The whimsical writing style is wonderful.Love that she’s top heavy, sexually experienced. Love her whole attitude.

Five Stars! Original! Female character is fun, real, and strong. Story line is believable and interesting. Sex is realistic, well described, and hot.

Five Stars! Sexy. Fast paced. Did I say sexy yet? I will definitely keep this on my bookshelf to re-read.

Five Stars! An invigorating story filled with plenty of lustful desire…I gave this book a 5 star rating because that is as high as I could go!


Asher is twenty something, Ivy-league educated, and pretty—if you like short, curvy, and top-heavy. But she’s been unlucky in love. Reconnecting with her formerly unattainable high-school crush changes everything. Uncontrollable feelings, dangerous emotions, and her own stunning submission push Asher to the edge of reason—and beyond. Will she lose or find herself in Dylan’s embrace?

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