Join My Mailing List for Discount Offers!

I have a mailchimp mailing list for people who would like to be notified by email whenever I have a new book coming out. I promise to not spam you, ever, because you’re one of my readers and I love you. Seriously. You read my stuff, that means we’re BFFs.

I debut titles at a lower price, so if you want to save money on my work, join the list and you’ll get a notice. New titles are frequently .99 cents, and there are short-term offers on box sets from time to time as well!

Oh, and while you’re here, doing that, please, please, please consider leaving a review at your retailer of choice, and / or Goodreads. They’re really important.


One big retailer has purged millions of reviews… some fake, many not, and so Authors are struggling now, as reviews are used as a gateway to the better marketing venues. So please leave an honest review; on a box set or a free-first novella, or any title really. I’d really appreciate it.

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