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Who is Justin Blake? Wouldn’t Dannielle like to know…

Enjoy the whole Billionaire’s BBW series in this box set edition!

When Dannielle’s library is threatened, Billionaire Justin Blake appears out of nowhere, an impeccably dressed, steely-eyed savior. An invitation to his mansion reveals a man marked by dark secrets buried in his past. Their night of passion unveils pieces of the puzzle. Justin’s last name, Blake, she learns means darkness… in more ways than one.

Their explosive liaison leads Danielle to the adventure of a lifetime, bringing her to the brink of destruction, and beyond.

This single volume contains the complete Billionaire’s BBW series, 430 pages of pulse-pounding romance, action, and adventure ending with the happiest of of all possible ever-afters.

What do readers say about this series? 

“An engaging and well-written story that has a bit of everything – action; adventure; a mysterious research institute funded by an eccentric billionaire; good guys; bad guys, some confusion over which are which… and some hot and steamy BDSM scenes between the enigmatic Justin, and the librarian whose intelligence captures his interest as much as her curves. A thoroughly good read.”

“Great read! Really enjoyed the whole series.”

“The story is so, so much more than it appears and is definitely worth multiple reads. I’d like to crawl inside the hero’s head and live there.”

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