Model Employee: (my first standalone novel!)


I’m happy to announce that my latest novel, Model employee, is now live at all major on-line bookstores.

Shane Murphy was the sexiest man Emma had ever kissed—by far. A brutal Adonis with crystal blue eyes and a spine tingling smile. He had worked as a figure model her freshmen year at university, and she had memorized him, with eye, hand, and heart.

After a ten year absence Shane’s return rocks Emma’s world… but how can he attone for the brutal night of his disappearance, and its aftermath?

One thing is certain. This time around, Emma will uncover all of Shane’s secrets.

Or die trying.

I feel like this book represent a breakthrough as I leave the novella series format and work at a longer length. It’s a sustained, satisfying read, without the stopping and starting, hour-long tv-show episode quality of a novella series.

Please let me know what you think of this, with reviews where you bought it, or Goodreads, or drop me an email (you can use the contact me link on this site.) I love hearing from readers.


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